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hatched August 18, 2002

A place to nest where

the happiest business in all the world is that of making friends. This site is the joint effort of two of these friends who have a like desire to breed and show quality silkies and showgirls. Lyn and bren are the moderators and you can visit their personal sites to view shared efforts of the past few years. 

"Share your triumphs and get encouragement with poultry concerns."

    The Cozy Nest was an idea hatched to provide a comfortable and warm place for friends to gather. Expert or novice- all are welcome and all contributions valued. It is our hope to make your visit a cozy experience. We share and in sharing we laugh, we cry, we encourage, we sympathize, we mentor. We are unique individuals willing to offer our opinions based on experiences both personal and shared. We invite you to gather our ideas as a shaft of wheat; test it in the wind. Keep what is of value and let the rest blow away. We are here for each other and pledge to respect all who settle in the Cozy Nest.

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If you would like to add to our list please contact bren or Lyn. We ask for patience as we build our list. 

Looking for a certain breed of chicken? Want a new color of guinea? Searching for waterfowl or other special stock? Look over our breeder's list. Check out the locations that might be near enough for pick up or those who ship. 


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West Nile Virus

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Guinea Fowl Standards

State Regulations for shipping Birds

Hen Necropsy

This is VERY graphic so be warned before you open


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If you have information to share please contact us. We will gladly consider adding it so many can benefit from your experiences and knowledge.    






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