Bob (BigDog) ~ McKinnon, TN

Flock is NPIP, no shipping, pick up only.

Blue Orpingtons, Black Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, White Crested Black Polish (Bantams), White Crested Blue Polish ( Bantams), Blue Americanas, Blue Red OEGB, Ginger Red OEGB, Purple Guinea, Slate Guinea, Violet Guinea, White Peafowl, Purple Peafowl, Spaulding Peafowl

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Ricky & Tina Cupples ~ Henderson, TN

N.P.I.P. Certified flock# 205

Breeding exotic Peafowl in different breeds, colors, and mutation.

In India Blue, India Blue white eyed pied, India Blue white eye, Cameo, White, Black Shoulder, Black Shoulder pied, Purple, Purple Black Shoulder, Purple pied, Purple Black Shoulder pied, Emerald Spalding, Spalding, Oaten white eye, Spalding pied, White Spalding, Bufford Bronze, Opal, Opal Black Shoulder, and others.


Visit my website at www.cupplesfarm.com.  

Phone #731-983-5215






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