Brenda "bren" ~ Paradise, Texas (North)

Raising quality Silkies along with Showgirls 
in mainly white, buff, with some black, splash, and blue. 
Peafowl ~  Purple
Guineas and keets when in season. 
Contact for available birds
visit my sale page
eggbid auctions at times as brens birds

 flock is Pollorum-Typhoid tested

Vickie ~ Sulphur Springs, Texas (East)

Guinea fowl of various colors
Contact for colors available

Frank~ Kerens, Texas  

70 miles South of Dallas

Guineas, Keets, Maran, & Wellsummer Chicks, RIR Pullets, Araucana Chicks

Guineas for sale at all times. Young keets and eggs available during laying/hatching season.

contact Frank  

Flock NPIP tested

Crystal ~ Blum, Texas 

ndia Blue, White split to Emerald Spalding, Blue Pied split to Black
Shoulder Purple Pied or Emerald Spalding.

Super African, Sebastopol

Asst Runners, Asst Calls (runners are all together and calls are all
together but runners and calls are in separate pens)

SQ Silkies (white, partridge, buff, black, cuckoo), Barnevelders, Bantam
Polish (smooth and frizzled buff laced, smooth and frizzled WC black and
WC cuckoo), seramas, NB showgirls (asst colors)

True Silvers, Swinhoe's, White Crested Kalij

Swallows (fairy and silician), Old Style Oriental Frills


Sid ~ Weatherford, Texas

30 colors of peafowl ~visit site texaspeafowl.com/

Contact for more information  214 -707-2051

Carla ~ San Marcos, Texas

Appenzeller Spitzhaubens


Dennis & Pat ~ Josephine, Texas

Hatching eggs available ~ will ship

Breeding Buff brahmas, Light brahmas, Dark brahmas, 

Peafowl in several colors


Auracaunas (laying only green and blue eggs, bearded and ear muffs, full size birds)

Guineas in pearl, pied, coral blue, white and a few purples

Ducks & Geese

Small breed bunnies in Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots, and Dwarf Dutch

Contact Pat for pricing & availability

Claude ~ McKinney, Texas

36 miles north of Downtown Dallas and 6 miles north of McKinney
Assorted color keets and hatching eggs during hatching season; 
adults available most of the time
No shipping
Visitors welcome.  Please call or email in advance.
Contact Claude at cf86863@yahoo.com or (972) 838-4363
Flock NPIP tested


Angie ~ Schertz, Texas

Will SHIP EGGS, Others PICK UP only

*Sebastopol Geese ~ white 
*Chinese Geese ~ white & brown
*Guinea ~ various colors

Standard size chicken:
*Blue & Black Jersey Giants

*Silkies ~ various colors
*Turkens (Naked Neck) ~  various colors
*Showgirls ~ various colors

Flock NPIP tested, registered with TX animal health commission

Contact for more information 210-566-1058  angiemamatx@yahoo.com


H and H Poultry
P.O. Box 1432
Burnet, Texas 78611
NIP Participant #3736 
We offer Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs in 13 mixed colors.
We will ship to any location in the USA.
Visit our web site for PayPal buttons or instructions to order any of the following:
Rare and Exotic Cream Brabanter Chicken Hatching Eggs.
These are critically endangered. They are a nice sized exotic feathered chicken that lay a large white egg.
Red Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs
Delaware Hatching Eggs
Blue Iowa Hatching Eggs 
Other various breeds of chicken hatching eggs are available at times.
Flying Mallard Hatching Eggs in season
Blue India Peafowl Hatching Eggs in season
Locally we sell replacement layer pullets, keet and adult guineas and peachicks when available.
On our web site we also offer a beginner Guinea Fowl booklet at a reasonable price to get you started with Guineas.


Durbins Poultry and Game Birds

Aquilla Texas

We ship day old chicks and eggs.

Breeders and Juvenille birds for pick up only.

Guineas:   We have assorted guineas- sold out till next year.

Ducks:     Khaki Campbell

Black and White magpies
Flying Mallard
Blue Swedish
Assorted Runners
*Most breeds contain crested and the non crested varieties*
White Chinese
Over 30 Different variety, clean legged and feather footed.
Blue Silkies
Buff Silkies
White Silkies
Black Silkies
Golden and Silver Seabrights
Mile de Fluer
Black tailed Buff Japanese and many more.
Red Shoulder Yokahoma
Buff Orphingtons
Buff laced and Golden Laced Polish
Silver Penciled Wyandotties
Red Caps
Barred Rocks
Rhode Island Reds
Ring neck
Mechanistic Mutant
Yellow Golden
adding more all the time.
Texas A&M
will be adding more this fall
Rio Grande
India Blue, White split to Emerald Spalding, Blue Pied split to Black
Shoulder Purple Pied or Emerald Spalding, Indian blue split to black shoulder purple pied, Black Shoulder split to Emerald Spalding

Contact us at Whitneyplu@aol.com

NPIP Certified


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