Red River Bantam Club  

September 23, 2006

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 Showgirl Pullet  "Alexis"

                    White Showgirl Pullet 1st


White Bearded Silkie Pullet


bren attended her first show taking along two white showgirl pullets, two white silkie pullets and two buff pullets. 

This was an exciting learning experience for bren and she is hooked! Thanks to Deb for leading her through the process and encouraging her to show the showgirls. 


2006 Silkie Nationals

Southwestern Missouri Poultry Club

October 13, 2006


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White Showgirl Pullet Champion AOV

White Showgirl Pullet RV


White Showgirl Cockerel 1st


White Bearded Silkie Pullet 5th 

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Demy Kate ~ Nina

Juniors showed some awesome birds



This is Lyn's poultry club and the first time both partners can show together. Bren traveled to Missouri with Deb and her grand daughter Demy. Demy and Nina, Lyn's grand daughter, have been pen pals and got to meet finally. This turned out to be a really great show!

Glenn talked with Lyn and bren about their showgirls and gave them encouraging comments about the quality they are showing. With their white showgirl winning AOV the team is VERY excited about the next breeding season.  



Oklahoma State Poultry Show

December 9, 2006

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Buff Bearded Cockerel 2nd

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bren took a buff silkie cockerel, white silkie pullet, buff showgirl pullet, and white showgirl cockerel. 


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