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Guinea fowl keets or eggs  

New Market, Maryland


Available in season, must pick up, will not ship. 

 $5/keet  $18/dozen eggs for hatching
Pearl, Lavender and White breeders. Keet colors will vary.




Four Oaks Peafowl - Peafowl for Sale

2008 Juvenile Peafowl Pairs 5-7 Months Old
India Blue Peafowl Pairs $100.00
Black Shoulder Peafowl Pairs $100.00
Blue Pied Peafowl Pairs $150.00
DNA Sexed White Peafowl Pairs $180.00
Purple Peafowl Pairs $175.00
DNA Sexed Java (muticus-muticus) Pairs $600.00 Shipping charges & box fees are additional.

We would be more than happy to reserve any Peafowl until weather permits to ship. We require a $15.00 deposit per-bird, and a $250.00 deposit on Java (muticus-muticus) pairs which is applied to the cost of your order. Your Deposit is totally refundable if for any reason we are unable to fulfill your Peafowl order. Deposits are non refundable. We accept Cashiers Checks, Postal Money Orders, all Major Credit Cards through PayPal, and Cash with pick ups in person.  


This piece is a goose egg, carved with circles that cover the entire surface.  It comes with a hanging ornament stand and attached ribbon for display.   I am asking $55, which includes shipping within the contiguous United States.

contact to order or if have questions

7/08 Texaspeafowl

 Weatherford, TX raising 40 colors, patterns of peafowl, 

Vulturine Guinea fowl  ... 

Sid Drenth, 214 707 2051,, 


Adults, new born and hatching eggs 

during laying/hatching season

Flock NPIP tested

Will SHIP EGGS, Others PICK UP only

*Sebastopol Geese ~ white
*Chinese Geese ~ white & brown

Guinea ~ various colors

Standard size chicken:
*Black & Blue Jersey Giant

*Silkies ~ various colors
*Turkens (Naked Neck) ~  various colors
*Showgirls ~ various colours

Contact for more information 210-566-1058


7/08 Peafowl For Sale

Peachicks for sale. Pick up only near Dallas, Tx. Several varieties available, Starting at $25.00 each. More hatching all the time. I have peachicks hatching in cameo, India blue white eyeds, India Blues, Pieds (blue and purple) Whites, Midnight Black shoulders, and Purples.

Also We have Silkies for sell already laying age both sexes mostly blues and whites some splash. Partridge Penedesencas also for sell.

 Pat at or call 972-843-8052

Barebottom Farms, Home of the blushing chicken,And Flying Dragons


Guinea keets and eggs

Assorted color keets and hatching eggs during hatching season; adults available most of the time.

Located 36 miles north of Downtown Dallas and 6 miles north of McKinney.
No shipping. Visitors welcome.  Please call or email in advance.
Contact Claude at or (972) 838-4363
Flock NPIP tested


Central Florida
Adult Guineas and Keets

Keets $2.50 each (Discounts for large volume 500+)  As Low as $2
Adults $15 each (Discounts for Large Volume 30+)  As Low as $10
Also, We have Boer and French Alpine Goats for sale.
We will also have Turkeys (Adults) for sale later in the season.
Also, Ringneck Pheasants........
If you would like to sell a goat herd contact us.

Lazaro G. Marganon


 ~ Keets ~

Free ranging mixed color group including but not limited to Pearl, Royal Purple, Lavender, Coral Blue, Buff, Buff Dundotte, Chocolate, and White.

$4.00 each    

Contact: Bill Stevenson 

RR 3, Box 242

Good Flocking Way

Frankford, DE. 19945

 Phone: 302-238-7809




For Sale  

Silkies, Showgirl chickens, Adult guineas and keets in assorted colors. Occasionally Pea Fowl. 

Silkies chickens in several colors. New breed of chickens called Showgirls. Visit my sale page. Please contact for available colors and ages.

Pick up only in Paradise, Texas during the hot weather. Shipping on started chickens when P.O. permits. 

contact bren

H and H Poultry
P.O. Box 1432
Burnet, Texas 78611
NIP Participant #3736 
We offer Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs in 13 mixed colors.
We will ship to any location in the USA.
Visit our web site for PayPal buttons or instructions to order any of the following:
Rare and Exotic Cream Brabanter Chicken Hatching Eggs.
These are critically endangered. They are a nice sized exotic feathered chicken that lay a large white egg.
Red Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs
Delaware Hatching Eggs
Blue Iowa Hatching Eggs 
Other various breeds of chicken hatching eggs are available at times.
Flying Mallard Hatching Eggs in season
Blue India Peafowl Hatching Eggs in season
Locally we sell replacement layer pullets, keet and adult guineas and peachicks when available.
On our web site we also offer a beginner Guinea Fowl booklet at a reasonable price to get you started with Guineas.


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