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This page is a running diary of my experiences breeding and learning about Showgirls. If you have any questions or comments about my Showgirls please feel free to e-mail me. You can also post comments and questions on our message board

Latest genetic thoughts on naked neck gene. 


My first mature showgirls arrived from Mo. April 3, 2004. This is a trio of buffs which were hatched by Lyn during the winter. The two hens were already laying and had been broody for several weeks just before the trip to Texas. It took several weeks to see eggs again but they were immediately place in my incubator. The first egg hatched May 10,2004. This was a really nice white showgirl. Following close behind was a dark skinned brownish looking chick. 

txshowgirl 1.JPG (50626 bytes)

txshowgirl2.JPG (54665 bytes)

TxSG 1 2.JPG (59266 bytes)

2nd Texas SG

 3rd Texas SG  

These two are the first two surviving Showgirl chicks. They are two months old.

Incubation is still going on now, July, 2004. I am hatching 4 showgirls to one silkie chick. I have hatched just about every color. This has me puzzled since ALL these are coming from the buffs. I have hatched a both a black and white chick. Both of these were silkies though. This breeding group has two nice buff hens. They both have good feathering on feet, five toes but one has light skin while the other has dark skin. The cockerel has pink skin, nice feathering on feet,  5 toes, and a good comb. (Now I know the comb was NOT good :)

Buff Breeding group 

mobuff comb.JPG (59213 bytes) bodyside buffroo.JPG (63554 bytes) feet feather roo.JPG (68588 bytes) mobf group.JPG (61664 bytes)
mobf hen dark head.JPG (57061 bytes)

mobf hen body.JPG (70101 bytes)

mobf hen feet.JPG (67878 bytes)

mobf group2.JPG (94274 bytes)

mobf hen light skin head.JPG (59559 bytes)

mobf hen light body.JPG (73642 bytes)

mobf hen light feet.JPG (57384 bytes)

mobf group3.JPG (80549 bytes)

April 2004 Buff trio was introduced to Texas. This group has been hatched by Lyn. 

  • One hen has dark skin while the other is lighter

  • Both hens have good feet feathering

  • Both hens have 5 toes

  • After being broody in Mo. hens are laying nearly every day

  • Cockerel has good comb  (this was early in our breeding program and now I know the combs were NOT good)

  • Cockerel has five toes

  • Cockerel has good feathering on feet

July 2004.

  • Fertility appears to be good but not 100%.  Several chicks are being lost due to lack of pipping. They are fully developed but die in the shell. I am hatching just about every color from this trio. I am getting MAINLY dark skin, but half and half 5 toes, half and half good feet feathering. 



The pictures below are of chicks that Lyn brought to Texas, April 2004. They have developed into beautiful splash hens along with a splash rooster. The rooster has pink skin which we will work to breed out. All the hens are dark skinned, good feathering on feet along with 5 toes. The top knots are really nice too. These showgirls are about 4 months old. The hens are more gray/blue splash while the rooster is more white and without the blue tint of the hens. The original group she brought me has two more chicks. One chick showed the limber neck problems so he was put down. He WAS a rooster with really nice DARK skin but we did not want to risk the possible problems of breeding this rooster. Another hen was removed from the breeding group due to lack of growth. She did not exhibit any signs of disease, was not growing as the other chicks. Her size was half of these pictured.

Splash Breeding Group 

Splash1.JPG (79328 bytes) splash2.JPG (47078 bytes) splash3.JPG (36713 bytes) splash4.JPG (87054 bytes) splash10.JPG (90253 bytes)
splash6.JPG (62884 bytes) splash7.JPG (46003 bytes) splash8.JPG (64947 bytes) splash9.JPG (93852 bytes) splash12.JPG (82592 bytes)


July 5, 2004 This was my first group of color matched chicks. There were six originals brought from Mo. April, 2004.I have eliminated to these 4 which I feel have the best points to breed with. 

  • All hens have dark skin

  • Cockerel has pink/light skin/fair comb

  • All have good feathering on feet

  • All have five toes



July 7, 2004  I just have to add this picture of one splash hen who got into a fly strip and I had to give her a bath. They are definitely all feathers and fluff!

fluff.JPG (87713 bytes)

thegroup.JPG (93375 bytes)
splahshowroo.JPG (140225 bytes) splashtail.JPG (117270 bytes)

July 25,2004 Splash cockerel is developing very nicely. His comb is not what we are looking for but he is handsome otherwise. 

October 2,2004 Lyn traveled to Texas to help pick the BEST of this generation of showgirls. We have settled on four buff showgirls (two hens, one rooster ) and one we are still wondering about. If it is a pullet, it will remain in the breeding stock. We have also decided to breed better silkie traits into this stage of stock. I have two silkie pullets and one cockerel that are going to breed back to these showgirls. We are in hopes that our cockerels will begin to show darker skin color and darker combs. We have both bearded and non-bearded stock at this time. 

2005 Breeding Stock 

putfoot.JPG (70325 bytes)

whitepair.JPG (52488 bytes)

whitepullet.JPG (68265 bytes)

splashtrio.JPG (71598 bytes)

Silkie cockerel


Silkie pullet

Splash showgirl pullets

buff2005breed.JPG (92255 bytes) 2005buff.JPG (84069 bytes)

Individual Pictures yet to come :)

bppair.JPG (86189 bytes)

Buff pullets~Cockerel

2005 breeding stock


Two VERY nice pullets 


April 2005- Starting spring hatches with the above pictured white silkie rooster, three buff hens, two splash hens, and two white silkies hens. Below are what hatched by leaving this group together all winter. My first eggs were set the middle of March. My thoughts were to improve the dark skin and feathering. So far I have not hatched a rooster with dark skin. The chicks below are F4 in the breeding process. 



showgirls and more (2).JPG (61440 bytes)

showgirls galore.JPG (86596 bytes)

showgirls and more (4).JPG (58093 bytes)

feet coloring.JPG (43801 bytes)

attitude.jpg (42182 bytes)

2006stock.JPG (135122 bytes)

2006stock1.JPG (129783 bytes)

oops.JPG (40504 bytes)    

The finalists in late September

I need to choose two or three hens for 2006

 OK what did you do?


sg2.JPG (41356 bytes)

showgirlblue.JPG (41918 bytes)

sgblue1.JPG (40107 bytes)

shows2005blue.JPG (64650 bytes)

shows2005blue (1).JPG (78888 bytes)


July 29th 2005 ~After the first few months  of the 2005 season I was finding my roosters were not holding with the dark skin. I am now trying to breed back to a buff silkie rooster doing my best to achieve the silkie qualities my showgirl roos are lacking. This is my attempt to get the best quality buff rooster I can. Hat Trick Silkies was nice enough to ship me 16 eggs. Right away very few showed any development. I got down to four and realized several has stopped. Final out come is ONLY this little one. I am thinking positive. I only need ONE ROOSTER. I got the for the ROOSTER. 

hat trick.JPG (39934 bytes)

Nice color. Different than what I have been hatching.


hat trick (4).JPG (40179 bytes)

hat trick (3).JPG (39833 bytes)

Great toes, skin color, and feathering on those toes. 


hat trick (5).JPG (39102 bytes)


buffhattrick.JPG (130484 bytes)

Chick is now 7 weeks. Not sure what the coloring is doing. 

buffhattrick2.JPG (133002 bytes)

hattrick.JPG (131076 bytes)

The chick's feathering is looking good. 

I am thinking this is a cockerel.

Turned out to be a pullet but poor color. 



Breeding Choices from 2005 hatches for buff

October 2005

I have decided to keep only buff showgirl hens and breed back to buff silkie roosters to improve the showgirl line. I am keeping a young pullet I hatched from Hat trick to see how she turns out. The top two rows are my cockerels, from Fawke's Feathers.  The last row is two pictures of  a showgirl pullet and then the silkie pullet. The cockerels have more red and have some black feathering in wings and tails. The sg pullets have some white in wings and tails but no black. 

buff82 (1).JPG (39470 bytes)

buff82 (4).JPG (39944 bytes)

buff82 (5).JPG (41697 bytes)

buff82 (8).JPG (41205 bytes)

buff68 (1).JPG (41425 bytes)

buff68 (2).JPG (39415 bytes)

buff82 (3).JPG (41926 bytes)

buff68 (6).JPG (40208 bytes)

sgbuff.JPG (40223 bytes)

sgbuff (1).JPG (40028 bytes)

buffsilkiepullet (1).JPG (39192 bytes)

buffsilkiepullet (3).JPG (42122 bytes)

MVC-022S.JPG (40755 bytes)

MVC-023S.JPG (40221 bytes)

MVC-026S.JPG (40602 bytes)

MVC-029S.JPG (40487 bytes)


  • buff hens have very little black feathering in tails or wings  but do have under feathering that is smutty. 

  • Toes continue to be good with fair feathering

  • cockerels are a nice ginger color but developing less than desired combs

  • cockerels also have started adding a lot of black feathering to wings and tails

  • the chick I hatched from HatTrick lines has turned out to be a pullet but not good color 

  • skin color is good on all chickens



Breeding choices for white showgirls and splash showgirls 2005/2006 

I only have one white showgirl pullet along with two splash showgirl hens which I will be breeding with a really nice white silkie rooster. On the left side is a nice white silkie hen (Fawke's Feathers) who will also be with this group. 


MVC-151S.JPG (39400 bytes)

MVC-154S.JPG (39815 bytes)

MVC-144S.JPG (42436 bytes)

MVC-150S.JPG (42448 bytes)

MVC-155S.JPG (40571 bytes)

MVC-161S.JPG (40877 bytes)

MVC-008S.JPG (40646 bytes)

MVC-013S.JPG (40880 bytes)

MVC-014S.JPG (40151 bytes)

MVC-017S.JPG (40399 bytes)

Birds of Paradise

Showgirls 2006

I started the 2006 hatching season with the above white and buff stock. One nice white silkie rooster mixed with a white showgirl and one white silkie. I used the silkie rooster to improve traits in the showgirls. I had the two buff silkie roosters from Fawkes Feathers mixed with three buff showgirls. From early May until mid August I hatched showgirls and silkies looking for the perfect chicks. Here are my results. This breeding also gave me some very good quality silkies. 


Showgirl silkie.jpg (57909 bytes)

Showgirl silkie 039.jpg (72987 bytes)

Showgirl silkie 044.jpg (71381 bytes)


millet showgirl (4).JPG (42182 bytes)


showgirls 002.jpg (83452 bytes)

showgirls 014.jpg (40869 bytes)

showgirls 035.jpg (70671 bytes)

showgirls 037.jpg (78111 bytes)

enough.jpg (44939 bytes) eye of the beholder.jpg (75447 bytes)

showbirds 2 peacock color 002.jpg (57679 bytes)

showbirds 2 peacock color 004.jpg (46362 bytes)

wsgp 20 (2).jpg (25483 bytes)

wsgp 9.jpg (37621 bytes)

wsgp 9 (2).jpg (23244 bytes)

wsgp 20.jpg (37838 bytes)


buff pullet

white pullet

white pullet

white pullet

white pullet

showbirds 2 peacock color 006.jpg (63717 bytes)

bearded non beard.jpg (36726 bytes)

wht sg (2).jpg (43240 bytes)

melon eaters (1).jpg (68297 bytes)

white cockerel.jpg (35216 bytes)

melon eaters (2).jpg (61198 bytes)


white non bearded/buff


white cockerel

white cockerel



  • consistently good skin color on buff and white 

  • excellent foot feathering on buff showgirls

  • white cockerels have nice color and good shape on combs so I will breed showgirl cockerel back to showgirl pullets this next season ( again, change in plans when we realized that breeding showgirl to showgirl gave Lyn too much nakeness)

  • buff cockerels took the rough, large, red combs from the buff silkies cockerels used for breeding

  • buff/ginger cockerels used for breeding,  seemed to improve the buff color on all chicks hatched

  •  I hatched no buff showgirl cockerels that I consider breeding stock~ locating a clear, buff silkie cockerel for breeding next season is my goal 


The year ended with Lyn and I taking an assortment of showgirls to Silkie Nationals in Mo. We were VERY proud to win Champion AOV with Alexis, a white showgirl pullet!


Breeding Stock 2007


After Lyn and I went over her results compared to mine from last season, we have decided to continue the silkie/showgirl breeding rather than breeding showgirl to showgirl. I may try one hatch of such just to compare but we are convinced, for now, we need to keep silkies in the crosses. 


2007 buff (1).jpg (52627 bytes)

2007 buff (2).jpg (56656 bytes)

2007 buff (4).jpg (98529 bytes)

Group of two showgirl hens, three silkie hens with nice silkie rooster. 

Secure ground pen for predator protection under my barn shed. 





2007 white (2).jpg (66908 bytes)

2007 white (3).jpg (52527 bytes) 2007 white (8).jpg (58809 bytes) 2007 white (5).jpg (66380 bytes)

2007 white (9).jpg (80004 bytes)

2007 white (13).jpg (76420 bytes)

2007 white (14).jpg (68024 bytes)

White breeding pen #1 ~ one  silkie hen, two showgirl hens, silkie rooster. 

Pen #2~ Showgirl rooster with two good quality silkie hens.



First hatches of 2007

White showgirls

showgirl 3 (1).jpg (85113 bytes)

showgirl 3 (6).jpg (76450 bytes)



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