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Flocks always seems to get sick or injured on the week ends when the local feed stores are closed. This page is an attempt to prepare us all for those times. Here are just a few ideas many friends have shared. This is a quick reference and probably not the only way but what works for those who have shared.

A short observation after creating this page is... I rarely had any of these medications on hand when needed.  Sometimes I was forced to drive to another town and other times I had friends who were better prepared than me and they had the medication on hand and shared.  Also I never knew what to give or what dosage until I went through it with my birds. This is definitely designed to save time and worry for those who use this reference.  

Antibiotic ointments~ for injuries to body or eyes

Antibiotic treatments

Calciboost ~ a must for egg bound hens (works FAST)   liquid can be dripped on small bites of bread (this is hard to find and usually needs to be ordered online so think ahead)

Corid ~ for treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis (follow package instructions, added to drinking water)

Electrolytes ~ added to water during times of stress. Gives a boost during shipping, showing, or the hot weather. (different brands can be bought at most feed stores)  In an emergency situation you can give Gatorade 

Selenium ~ used as a diet supplement to boost poultry

VetRX ~ used for many different purposes VetRx contains confor oil. Help with congestion. People who show birds like to use it as a energy boost and aide for glossy feathers, combs, beaks. Helps clear congestion when rubbed on beak along with a few drops under wings. Some say it can burn skin if over used. This is also great to rub on legs of birds for scaly leg mites. 

Vitamin B12 ~ for treating limber neck in poultry and as a diet supplement

Vitamin E ~ for treatment of limber neck in poultry and as a diet supplement

Wormers ~

All wormers I have used advise to repeat treatment after two weeks to be sure you kill any additional parasites that may have hatched from eggs. Additional worming breaks the life cycle of the worms. 


Sevin Dust 7%~ for dusting birds with mites or lice

Adams Flea Spray ~ for mites and lice

Quell ~ anti pecking

Nu skin ~


Another important way to protect your flock is the availability of many different  vaccines.

Fowl Pox ~ There is no treatment for fowl pox. Control and prevention in chickens is accomplished by vaccination by the wing web method with a commercially available fowl pox or pigeon pox vaccine. This should be administered to all chickens at 12-16 weeks of age.

Items you need to keep handy

Q-tips, Cotton Balls, cotton pads, disposable gloves, plastic set of measuring spoons, plastic measuring cup, insulin needles, saline solution for eye wash, pliers, scissors, flashlight, catch net, old towel to wrap bird while treating, handy wipes, paper towels, finger nail and toe nails clippers for clipping toe nails and beaks, sugar to stop bleeding/or commercial blood stops, bleach , vinegar, galic, DE, vitamins, axe and block of wood, masking tape, pipe cleaners, 




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