Homemade Feeder



Plywood Walls
2”x2” inside frame
Risers made of 2”x2” wood

Hooper goes outside the pen
Trough goes inside the pen through a horizontal rectangle
Cut in the wall. Frame the opening where the trough goes if it’s wire

For the floor of the hopper, cut same size as lid
Adding the extra 6” under the feeder

For trough risers
Cut (1) 6” sq. plywood and cut that in half diagonally.
Cut (2) 2”x2” blocks 6” long.
Attach the blocks under the trough on the outside
Flush to the inside of the left and right wall.
Attach the angle pieces to the blocks with the longer angled side
Facing the back toward the hopper.

For the back of the hopper

Cut a 3 ft long piece of 2”x2” and attach it to the
floor of the hopper to the inside of the back wall of the hopper.
Attach the back wall to the hopper.

This plan was provided by Sandy Cowen