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Chicken Saddles

Are your hens going bald? Are your roosters too randy? Do you want to protect your hens' backs? Or maybe you just want to dress up your chickens, for fun, show, or ID. Then these denim appliquéd chicken saddles are for you!!!!!

These saddles are made out of machine washable/dryable denim. The elastic straps are heavily stitched on to reduce the possibility of them pulling off. Each strap goes over the hen's shoulder and under the wing to be snapped to the apron. Decorative Pearl snaps are used to keep the straps attached even under the strongest roosters. Appliqués are wonder-undered onto the denim and then satin stitched to the denim.

You can choose the color denim you would like. You can choose any appliqué you would like, one of these or one of your own making. Perhaps you'd like your farm symbol on your saddles. Price may vary depending on complexity of your appliqués. Snaps come in pearl white, red, and gray.

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