Genetics 101 for Showgirls

At a certain spot on the chromosome, the naked neck gene does what it is going to do. At that spot only two genes controls the outcome. One combination would be one Na from the male and one Na from the female. This combination would make the bird too much naked neck, and would extend the featherless ness into the body area somewhat. When the same gene for any trait comes from the male and mates up with the same gene from the female, that trait is said to be homozygous. When you get the naked neck gene homozygous, that's as far as you can go toward naked neck. you can't get stronger and stronger. You can use the homogotes (homozygous birds) to cross with the non-naked neck silkies (na) to get all heterogotes (show quality, na Na).

Our present thinking is to breed the showgirls, either hen or rooster, to quality silkies. Last year we worked in two different directions and found showgirl to silkie to produce  much better feathering qualities in that flock of breeding chickens. 

Although our lines range from F11 to F14 we still are learning and working hard to reach a consistently good standard.  


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